My art practice is a conversation with the timeless, the primal, and the elemental. My works draw a connection between mysticism and modernism, addressing silence, and passing beyond representation in search of transcendence, interiority, energy, and communion through a meditative iconography.

Through my artworks, I explore the unifying and transforming qualities of light and structure. In paint, ink, and glass I explore the relationships between pure color, timeless geometry, and the flowing, visual rhythms derived from my deep observations of the dynamics of Nature. My inspirations come from my studies of ancient and mystical art of the past, my love of modern painting, and my many travels to the world's sacred architecture and wild landscapes. I then weave all these together into powerful abstract images. All my work in the Arts are my own attempts to convey my unique, direct experience of the continuously created, dynamic display of an absolutely transcendent, yet universally immanent, mystery.

+Justyn Zolli