My studio practice consists primarily in the making of original, abstract paintings on canvas, creating prints and ink-drawings on paper, and designing commissioned murals for walls and architectural art-glass.

Using this traditional approach and materials, I find powerful ways of exploring my interest in the unifying and transforming qualities of light, pure color, geometric structure, and the rhythms of Nature.

The deeper meaning of my work is connected to my interest in how the visual arts have acted as an outward expression for inner, mystical experiences throughout time and culture. My research has involved the study of the sacred, visual art traditions of the deep past, as well as travel to many of the world's greatest ancient temple architecture for inspiration and documentation. I then distill and develop the universal design elements I’ve studied into my own meditative grammar of artistic forms. In my paintings and designs, the viewer finds abstracted pillars, portals, skylights, arches, central pathways, altars, and illuminated, inner-chambers. These elements are combined and recombined into a visual language, with which I invent my own unique compositions in pure, bright colors. In this way, I seek to create artwork that is simultaneously fresh and contemporary, yet rooted in ancient, timeless, and truthful principles. It is my goal that my artworks can then invoke experiences of transcendence, interiority, sacredness, order, and communion within the viewer and thus directly communicate something of spiritual value.

Ultimately, I strive to make my life’s work in the Arts an offering to others of an aesthetic experience of light, color, harmony, and peace.

+Justyn Zolli