Here you may view galleries of my various creative Art activities, and see images of my various series of paintings, works on paper, book publications, murals, watch videos, and read my writings on my creative process. Please do inquire about works you are interested in purchasing, commissioning, or if you would like to engage me in a speaking lecture on the Visual Arts.

Artist Statement:

%"I am a visual artist, scholar of aesthetics, restorer of sacred art, and a museum professional. In my creative practice I work across the disciplines of painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, commissioned murals for painted walls, and architectural stained-glass; Within these I explore my great love and interest in the unifying and transforming qualities of light, color, geometric structure, and the rhythms of Nature. The deeper meaning within my practice is rooted to my interest in how the visual arts have acted as an outward, aesthetic expression for my own mystical, poetic and deep faith experiences.
My art historical research has involved the study of sacred, religious art traditions of the world’s ancient civilizations, as well as travel all over the world to many of the greatest landscapes and ancient temple architecture for inspiration, documentation, and learning. I then distill and develop these powerful experiences into my own meditative grammar of radiant artistic forms. It is my aim that my artworks may express messages of transcendence, interiority, sacredness, order, and communion to the viewer, and ideally communicate something of spiritual value and clarity.%
Ultimately, I strive to make all my work in the Arts and in my life an offering to others of an experience; that of beauty, light, unity, harmony, charity, and peace."

+Justyn Michael Zolli