My art practice is a conversation with the timeless, the primal, and the elemental.

My art is essentially concerned with the unifying and transforming qualities of light. In my works I explore that relationship between timeless geometry, pure color, and the flowing visual rhythms found in my study of the dynamics of Nature. I then weave these together into powerful abstract images. My inspirations come from my experiences out in the landscape, my study of ancient, mystical art and architecture, and my love of modern painting. In my creative process I grapple with finding a balance between building up an image from within, and extracting an image from without.

I seek to understand primacy and to create a unified visual experience in the work. To understand the meaning or significance of a thing, one must ‘become’ the thing, harmonizing one’s consciousness with it, and thereby feel joined with it. My concern is the conveyance of that direct experience of the continuously created, dynamic display of an absolutely transcendent, yet universally immanent, mystery containing both order and chaos. The world I perceive is beautiful and radiant.
My work in the Arts is my attempt to express that simple truth.

+Justyn Zolli